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No Inspection

Pretty sure this former service station hasn’t offered inspections, or any other services for that matter, in a number of years.

(Another note to self:  Pay attention to reflections in window glass)

Pratt, Fayette County, WV

Pratt, Fayette County, WV

US Rte 60 Waterfall

This roadside waterfall along US Rte 60 near Glen Ferris, WV, normally runs at a trickle, but I was lucky enough to catch it at a higher flow recently after persistent rain.

As far as I know this waterfall does not have a name, but if anyone local knows differently I’d be happy to hear from you.

US 60 near Glen Ferris, Fayette County, WV

US 60 near Glen Ferris, Fayette County, WV

Edelman & Bethel

One stop shopping for your construction and spiritual needs in Smithers, West Virginia.

Smithers, Fayette County, WV

Smithers, Fayette County, WV


Doorway on a rustic building in downtown Montgomery, West Virginia.   Love the textures and patterns found on these old brick structures, each seems to offer something unique.

Montgomery, Fayette County, WV

Montgomery, Fayette County, WV


A view of the small town of Boomer, West Virginia, from alongside the Midland Trail (US Rte 60) in Fayette County.


Humble Abode

Not sure why I’m attracted to scenes like this, pretty sure my wife thinks I’m nuts.  :)  The little flag was what originally caught my eye.

Charleston, WV

Charleston, WV

The Repair Pad

Early morning roadside scene in Quick, West Virginia.

Had a couple technique breakdowns during the making of this image, but managed to coax out enough image quality to have a passable blog post.  (Note to self:  remember to check and see if your polarizer is attached to your camera before cranking the ISO up to 1600 and trying to handhold slow shutter speeds).


Roadside Scene

Small shanty with lots of “stuff” on a well-tended property in Clay County, WV. 



Contrails seem to echo the shape of a cross atop a steeple in Beverly, West Virginia.



No one will ever confuse me with a wildlife photographer, but I did want to share this image of a newborn fawn I came across recently while hiking.  It laid there perfectly still trying its best to remain unseen as I snapped off photos.

Jackson County, WV

Jackson County, WV


A lone leaf lying on a wood plank footbridge in Coonskin Park, Kanawha County, WV.  I was attracted to this mini-scene by the puddle of dampness surrounding the fallen leaf.

Coonskin Park, Kanawha County, WV

Coonskin Park, Kanawha County, WV

Blackwater Canyon

Wow, quite a while between posts!  Hope to start getting out to photograph some new material soon, but meanwhile I still have some things I can trot out from this past fall.

This image of Blackwater Canyon was made from the Pendleton Point Overlook in Blackwater Falls State Park, Tucker County, WV.

Tucker County, WV

Tucker County, WV

Clio School

An abandoned schoolhouse way back in the hills of West Virginia.  It would appear that memories are pretty much all that remain.

Clio, Roane County, WV

Rock of Ages

Advice found along a country road in Clay County, WV.

I normally would not be able to tolerate the blown-out white sky, but since this image is about the signage instead of scenery it didn’t bother me so much.

Ivydale, Clay County, WV

Parked 3

A group of vehicle in long term parking along the Elk River, Clay County, WV.

Elkhurst Rd, Clay County, WV

Color Coordinated

I have no idea if the colors of the truck and building are matching by plan or by happenstance, but either way the coordination is nearly seamless.

Clay County, WV


In this age of personal cell phones it seems that pay phones are being slowly phased out of existence.  This particular pay phone adorns the outside of an abandoned convenience store, but the presence of a soda bottle and a cigarette package made me think that if you picked it up you just might get a dial tone.

Clay County, WV

Frosty Barn

A frost covered barn photographed on a very cold October morning in Tucker County, WV.

Dryfork, Tucker County, WV

Appalachian Design Studio

Photographed beside a Go Mart in Elkins, WV.

Elkins, Randolph County, WV

Dolly Sods 4

Another installment in the series, taken this past October in the Bear Rocks area of Dolly Sods, WV.

Through the years I’ve taken enough photographs that I would consider myself reasonably competent in terms of technique, but alas mistakes still do occur!  In this case I made the cardinal error of using a polarizer in a wide angle shot, which is evident in the color gradient across the sky.    

Tucker County, WV

Dolly Sods 3: Windmill View

Although we can probably all agree that it’s a grand idea to harness a pollution-free, renewable source of power such as wind, it’s unfortunate that the wind turbines themselves so often end up spoiling views in mountain areas where there’s enough wind to actually harness.

This seemingly endless line of wind turbines is situated just north of the Bear Rocks Preserve in Dolly Sods and stretches northeast into the distance along the Allegheny Front.  Evidence of the abundance of wind resources in this area can be seen in the one-sided pines situated in the foreground, made this way by the incessant wind from the west forcing all the branches to grow in an easterly direction.

Tucker County, WV

Dolly Sods 2

A wind-sculpted boulder at Bear Rocks Preserve, Dolly Sods, WV.

Dolly Sods 1

I’ve got a series of photos to share over the next few days from Dolly Sods, a high plateau region in northeastern West Virginia known for it’s spectacular views, bizarrely misshapen trees/rocks, and horrendous weather.

This photo was taken in early October looking east from one of the overlooks along the Allegheny front.  Odds are that right now you could measure the snow at this location with a yardstick, as hurricane Sandy administered its own unusual punishment to the Mountain State in the form of an epic blizzard.

Tucker County, WV

The Other Side

A garbage strewn yard alongside a dwelling in rural West Virginia.  It’s not all rainbows and unicorns out there.

As regular readers of this blog know by now, I love to photograph old abandoned buildings.  The problem is that sometimes it’s not easy to tell the abandoned ones from the occupied.  On more than one occasion I’ve stopped the car to investigate what appeared to be an abandoned structure only to see a light on inside or smoke rising from a chimney.  Hopefully I’ll never accidentally walk into someone’s living room.

In this case the house was definitely occupied.  I think.


Calhoun County, WV


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