A Photographic Study of All Things West Virginia


I am drawn to ivy growing on walls, there is something about the symmetry and contrast in textures that appeals to me. 

This vine was found growing on the foundation wall of an old abandoned barn in the woods near Elkview, West Virginia.   An abandoned, crumbling house sits immediately adjacent to the barn, complete with furniture in the rooms, dishes in the cupboards, and decorations on the walls.  A Reader’s Digest found under the front porch was dated 1985.

It’s a fascinating site that raises many questions.  What happened to the occupants?  Why would the heirs, presumably, leave the property and its contents to rot away?

I don’t expect to find answers to any of those questions, but do hope to make some interesting images of the site.  My first couple visits have yielded little, but as is often the case with photography you learn and refine as you go.



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