A Photographic Study of All Things West Virginia

Take Me Home, Country Roads

One thing the state of West Virginia has in abundance is country roads.  Spidery networks of single lane tracks weave and thread their way along ridges and down hollows, connecting a vast and sparsely populated landscape to only marginally better 2-lane highways. 

The people who live in the more remote areas face long hard drives to and from work and school, much less the nearest mall or movie theater.  Connection to the outside world isn’t easy.

But those who live here are doing so by choice.  Things are different out in the country.  There’s no leash law, there’s no zoning, there’s no homeowner’s association.  There’s only a fierce pride in the land and a freedom to pursue life as you see fit.

As a visitor it’s always a pleasure to drive these country roads and soak up some of that vibe.  But if you go make sure to bring along a full tank of gas and a good GPS, because it just might take a while.

Jackson Cemetery View


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