A Photographic Study of All Things West Virginia

Finding a New Favorite

In my previous post I explained how I shot a series of ten images along New River in southern West Virginia, then selected one as my favorite to post to this blog.  But upon further review I have changed my mind, now I have a new favorite to show.

This seems to happen to me often enough.  I come back from a day of photography and have an immediate favorite, a photo crush if you will.  Then, after the images have had a chance to percolate in my subconsciousness for a day or two, new favorites start to emerge.

I find that the same phenomenon often occurs when I pick up a new music cd as well.  Upon first listen I will be enamored with a song or two, but over time other tracks become insistent and ultimately overshadow the initial favorites. 

I think the same principle is at play in both cases.  Time and familiarity allow you to explore the essential nature of things, to work your way past their superficial niceties and discover a more elemental substance.  Sometimes when this deeper level of understanding is reached a more powerful and enduring beauty is revealed.

And so it is with the following image, a second version of Dancing Reflections that I find, one day later, to be superior to the first.

Dancing Reflections #2


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