A Photographic Study of All Things West Virginia

Abandoned 2

My fascination with abandoned structures continues. 

A repetitive theme with these old structures is that everday-life objects have been left behind, which I find to be odd and somewhat unnerving.  This house still had curtains in the windows, adding an eerie splash of cheer to a scene that was otherwise one of utter neglect and decay.  Rotting lounge chairs were stacked on the remnants of the back porch, as if many years ago a planned picnic had been suddenly aborted.

And so it goes with these places.  It’s easy enough to imagine a set of circumstances under which a home could be abandoned, but much harder to visualize a scenario where the appurtenances of day-to-day life are left behind to witness its demise.

The image that follows was made this morning along Robinson Run Road in Roane County, West Virginia.  A black and white conversion gave it the feel I was looking for.



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