A Photographic Study of All Things West Virginia

Twin Falls

Waterfall located along Glady Creek, just outside the boundary of Valley Falls State Park in Marion County, West Virginia.

Being relatively unfamiliar with Valley Falls State Park, I had no idea what sort of scenery might be found in its nether corners away from the well-known namesake falls along the Tygart River.  One neat way I’ve found to discover hidden gems and unique sites wherever you may be is via geocaching.  In this case I browsed my GPS to find nearby caches, and immediately became intrigued by one called “Glady Creek Waterfall Cache”.  It was about a 0.9 mile hike from my parking spot, so off I went.

As it turns out this waterfall was well worth the hike.  I spent an hour or so photographing and enjoying the general area.  And, oh yeah, I found a geocache to boot!  And I would never in a million years have known of this place’s existence if it weren’t for the fact that someone placed a geocache there. 

So all you photographers out there might want to consider geocaching as a spin-off hobby.  What better way to find scenic locations than to let the local people show them to you?

Valley Falls State Park, West Virginia


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