A Photographic Study of All Things West Virginia

Lone Tree

 Although I’ve always felt that the “Mountain State” was a fitting nickname for the state of West Virginia, the “Tree State” had to have been a close runnerup back when the voting took place. 

As a general rule it is not possible to see farther than 100 feet from any given location in this state because of, (you guessed it), trees!  Hundreds, thousands, dare I even conjecture millions of trees seem to press in from all sides wherever you may be.  Roads form mere tunnels through their overhanging branches.  Property owners spend entire lives hacking and chopping in a futile effort to stem (no pun intended) their encroachment. 

They are prolific and relentless.  And they.  Are.  Everywhere.

Which brings me around, finally, to the point of this post and the photograph itself.  A single, lone tree on a hillside in West Virginia is nearly as uncommon as a sasquatch!  So therefore, a photograph had to be made.

So here, in all its glory, I present a single, lonely, West Virginia tree.  But don’t worry, its friends, and lots of them, weren’t far away.


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