A Photographic Study of All Things West Virginia


No Inspection

Pretty sure this former service station hasn’t offered inspections, or any other services for that matter, in a number of years.

(Another note to self:  Pay attention to reflections in window glass)

Pratt, Fayette County, WV

Pratt, Fayette County, WV


Edelman & Bethel

One stop shopping for your construction and spiritual needs in Smithers, West Virginia.

Smithers, Fayette County, WV

Smithers, Fayette County, WV

Roadside Scene

Small shanty with lots of “stuff” on a well-tended property in Clay County, WV. 


Color Coordinated

I have no idea if the colors of the truck and building are matching by plan or by happenstance, but either way the coordination is nearly seamless.

Clay County, WV

Hoop Dreams 4

A welcome addition to my ongoing series.  I found the combination of basketball goal, laundry, and archery target to be an irresistible conglomeration of elements.  🙂

Clay County, WV



The two toilets stand as a stark yet puzzling counterpoint to the grim message etched onto the bricks.

This image was brought to you by the very same building as my previous post, “Fresh Eggs”.  Weirdness aplenty at this location.  🙂

Braxton County, WV

Follow Signs

Follow signs….a colossal “T”…..what does it all mean?

I never figured it out for certain, but after making this photograph I did have a sudden craving for a turkey sandwich.

US 119, Kanawha County, WV

Lucky Buffet

Lucky indeed!  Especially so for those keeping an eye on portion size.

Photographed while traveling on business in St. Mary’s, WV.

St. Mary’s, Pleasants County, WV

Hoop Dreams 3

In an earlier installment on this blog I posted a photo of a boat that had been accidentally re-purposed as a planter.  Well today we have a bread truck that has been purposely re-purposed as a basketball backboard, a most welcome addition to my ongoing Hoop Dreams series. 

You just never know what you might come across travelling the back roads of West Virginia.

WV Rte. 36, Roane County, WV


Found this boat stranded a long ways from water in the hills of Roane County, WV.  At this point I think it’s functioning more as a planter than a watercraft.

Newton, Roane County, WV