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Humble Abode

Not sure why I’m attracted to scenes like this, pretty sure my wife thinks I’m nuts.¬† ūüôā¬† The little flag was what originally caught my eye.

Charleston, WV

Charleston, WV



Pretty sure I wouldn’t have noticed such a nondescript and innocuous scene without the sign’s directive.

49th Street, Charleston, WV

Caution: Watch For Falling Office Chairs

You know, there really aren’t that many work hazards in the officeplace.¬† I suppose you could¬†lacerate your knee on an open desk drawer or maybe¬†scald your tongue on some piping hot office coffee.¬† Perhaps you could slip on a freshly mopped bathroom floor or shut your fingers up in a copy machine.¬† Yeah, it’s not exactly the same danger level as say, for instance, a construction site.

But today, in my office, there was a real and present danger to each and every intrepid office worker who innocently ran errands through one particularly hazardous area.  Yes, the threat of being crushed to death under a falling office chair.  The worst imaginable nightmare for all who are cursed to work amongst the cubicles of doom.  Oh, the humanity!

(Legal notice:  No office workers were harmed in the making of this photograph)

State Capitol Complex, Charleston, WV

Charleston Fireworks, 7/3/11

Fireworks over the Kanawha River in Charleston, WV.  This shot was made looking downriver with the South Side Bridge in the background.

Charleston, WV


Air.¬† Ice.¬† ATM.¬† Phone.¬† All the conveniences you could ever ask for, situated conveniently side-by-side at the business that’s all about convenience-¬† the convenience store.¬† This image was made¬†while stopped at a conveniently located¬†Go Mart near Charleston, West Virginia.

Charleston, WV


I have no idea what these plants are called, but I like the shimmery iridescence of the leaves.  This photograph was made in front of the West Virginia State Capitol on Kanawha Boulevard in Charleston, WV. 

If anyone can ID these plants please feel free to clue me in.

Charleston, WV

All Boarded Up

I drove by this scene¬†in Charleston, West Virginia a¬†few weeks ago and had been waiting ever since for a chance to come back with my camera.¬† Of course the image I had been carrying around in my mind’s eye did not include power lines or a flagpole, it’s funny how we’re able to tune such things out.¬† I mean, really, how often do you notice a power line when you’re out walking about?¬† As far as I know I’ve yet to see one this year, except maybe¬†in some of my photos.

Riverview School