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Edelman & Bethel

One stop shopping for your construction and spiritual needs in Smithers, West Virginia.

Smithers, Fayette County, WV

Smithers, Fayette County, WV



Contrails seem to echo the shape of a cross atop a steeple in Beverly, West Virginia.


St. Paul United Chapel

Country church with cemetery, photographed way back in the hills of West Virginia.

Calhoun County, WV

Dessie Baptist

Early morning photograph of a country church in the hills of West Virginia.

Braxton County, WV

God Needs A Person

Walker Methodist Church, Est. 1952, Clay County, WV.

Clay County, WV

Providence Baptist

It seems one is never too far away from a tiny country church when cruising the back roads of West Virginia.  No matter how unpopulated an area appears to be, if there are more than a handful of people within a few miles radius then you can expect to find a well-kept place of worship nestled somewhere in the hills.

This particular church was just down the road from the old Chevrolet depicted in my previous post.

Copen, Braxton County, WV

Pleasant Hill Church

Pleasant Hill Church is, well, pleasant! 

Don’t think I’m breaking any new ground with this particular composition, but the soft morning light gave the scene a nice feel.  This is a place I think I’d like to revisit during different sky conditions and seasons.

Wallback, Roane County, WV

Stinson Church of Christ

I’m not sure there’s anything more forlorn and hopeless than an abandoned church.

Stinson, Calhoun County, WV

Pauley Memorial

Entrance to an old church alongside a country road in Kanawha County, WV.

Frame Rd, Kanawha County, WV

Walton Full Gospel Church

I am not sure what distinguishes a Full Gospel church from all the rest of the Partial Gospel churches that must, by implication, exist, but I can easily imagine an earnest and vigorous sermon reverberating through the inner sanctum of this building.

US 119 near Walton, Roane County, WV