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Humble Abode

Not sure why I’m attracted to scenes like this, pretty sure my wife thinks I’m nuts.¬† ūüôā¬† The little flag was what originally caught my eye.

Charleston, WV

Charleston, WV


Roadside Scene

Small shanty with lots of “stuff”¬†on a well-tended property in Clay County, WV.¬†


Abandoned 33

This is actually a redux of an early installment in my “Abandoned” series, but it was so long ago even I can’t remember which one it was.¬† ūüôā¬† The current version was¬†photographed early this past Sunday morning along Stringtown Road in Roane County, WV.

Stringtown Rd, Roane County, WV

Abandoned 31

Small abandoned home adjacent to a cattle watering trough in Roane County, WV.

Detail lovers should take note of the horseshoe hanging by the door and the incomplete paint job.

Maple Run Road, Roane County, WV

Abandoned 30

30th installment in a series that just kinda happened.¬† Not sure where it’s headed, if anywhere, but I still can’t help but make images of these places when I come across them.¬†

This red door was found on an abandoned home in Calhoun County, West Virginia.


Beech Road, Calhoun County, WV

House Not For Rent

Certainly scores of people passing through this area have thought, “hey, I sure would like to rent that house!”.¬† Imagine the crushing disappointment they must feel after reading the sign.

I love signs that tell what something isn’t.¬† They never fail to entertain me, but then again I’m easily amused.

Webster County, WV


Abandoned 27

Didn’t get a chance to go on a photo outing this past weekend, but I still have a couple images to share this week from previous trips.

This was shot at an abandoned home I came across while driving a rough, dead end dirt track through the hills of West Virginia.

Goose Creek Road, Kanawha County, WV

Abandoned 26

Footbridge and abandoned home, located in a remote valley deep in the hills of West Virginia. 

I encountered several abandoned dwellings on this little expedition, apparently a small community existed in the area at one time.  As the last of these homes was left empty, the road into the area was apparently abandoned as well-  it took some careful driving to navigate my way over rocks and through creekbeds to this location.

Goose Creek Road, Kanawha County, WV

Abandoned 25

A peek inside the abandoned home featured in yesterday’s post, photographed through an exterior window.¬† Two exposure blend to balance the lighting.

My Sunday morning drive deep into the hills of Kanawha County, WV, turned up a handful of abandoned dwellings instead of quaint country scenes, so I will probably continue to feature a few of them through the following week.  Although I find abandoned homes to be a fascinating subject (hence my 25th such post on this blog), it is also somewhat disturbing to find such a concentration of them in one area.

Goose Creek Road, Kanawha County, WV

Abandoned 24

Photographed in the early morning hours way back in the hills of West Virginia.  A hint of autumn color is starting to show.

Goose Creek Road, Kanawha County, WV