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No one will ever confuse me with a wildlife photographer, but I did want to share this image of a newborn fawn I came across recently while hiking.  It laid there perfectly still trying its best to remain unseen as I snapped off photos.

Jackson County, WV

Jackson County, WV


Fire Truck Portrait

This is an image I’ve been playing around with periodically over the past couple years, trying to figure out where, or even if, it fits in with the rest of my work.  But here recently it seems I’ve been gravitating towards a straight-on, portrait style approach to some of my subjects, and this shot seems to be in that mold.

Another version can be seen at:   http://www.lillyphotographywv.com/Galleries/Eclectica/firetruck/283703548_CKTSS-M-1.jpg

This old fire truck sits alongside a country road in Jackson County, WV.  On the day I made this photograph the owner came over from his home across the road to chat.  He explained how the fire truck was used in parades up and down the east coast for many years, then sometime around 1980 it was parked for good. 

So I’d say it’s holding up reasonably well considering it’s been parked for thirty years.

Jackson County, WV

Throwback #2

Here’s a color version of my post from a few days ago, shot from a slightly different angle and cropped into a panoramic format. 

It was almost too good to be true having the old truck parked next to the farmhouse, I only wish I’d had the opportunity to walk around and work the scene from different angles and with wide angle lenses, etc.

Jackson County, WV


Took this photo today along a country road in Jackson County, West Virginia. 

The old truck and farmhouse gave this scene a 50’s feeling, so a black and white treatment seemed appropriate.

Jackson County, WV


One of the most fun things about photography when you live in West Virginia is shooting the dizzying array of bizarre subject matter that can be found within its borders. 

The state’s motto is “Montani Semper Liberi”, which translates to “Mountaineers Are Always Free”.   This state of mind is a point of pride for many of our fine residents and manifests itself in a certain independence of thought and a creative approach to solving problems. 

It could be argued that some of this creativity may be born from necessity, as West Virginia is famously poor and impoverished, but as a native West Virginian I prefer to classify it as ingenuity.

The photo below is an example of this phenomenon, in this case recycling items that you have on hand to build an enclosure instead of purchasing materials that you probably can’t afford.  And, perhaps, there’s a slight nod to its much older and more famous stone cousin in jolly old England. 

Montani Semper Liberi indeed.