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Humble Abode

Not sure why I’m attracted to scenes like this, pretty sure my wife thinks I’m nuts.¬† ūüôā¬† The little flag was what originally caught my eye.

Charleston, WV

Charleston, WV


The Repair Pad

Early morning roadside scene in Quick, West Virginia.

Had a couple technique breakdowns during the making of this image, but managed to coax out enough image quality to have a passable blog post.  (Note to self:  remember to check and see if your polarizer is attached to your camera before cranking the ISO up to 1600 and trying to handhold slow shutter speeds).



A lone leaf lying on a wood plank footbridge in Coonskin Park, Kanawha County, WV.  I was attracted to this mini-scene by the puddle of dampness surrounding the fallen leaf.

Coonskin Park, Kanawha County, WV

Coonskin Park, Kanawha County, WV

Follow Signs

Follow signs….a¬†colossal “T”…..what does it all mean?

I never figured it out for certain, but after making this photograph I did have a sudden craving for a turkey sandwich.

US 119, Kanawha County, WV


Pretty sure I wouldn’t have noticed such a nondescript and innocuous scene without the sign’s directive.

49th Street, Charleston, WV

While Parked at Walmart

This set of photographs was taken from the driver’s seat of my SUV in a Walmart parking lot while my wife shopped inside.¬† Sadly I’ve been reduced to photographing at Walmart while¬†I nurse a back injury.¬† ūüôā

Actually I had a great time trying to find interesting photos in such a decidedly uninteresting location.  In fact I think this sort of challenge is worth further exploration.

Walmart, Nitro, WV


Walmart, Nitro, WV


Walmart, Nitro, WV


Walmart, Nitro, WV


An array of electric meters along the side of a building in Pinch, WV.

Pinch, WV

Layers of Privacy

Fences and walls provide a bit of separation between this residence and a convenience store parking lot in Pinch, WV.

view from Mountain Mart, Pinch, WV


Basketball goal tethered to a rather large telephone pole.

This is scene I have walked past dozens of times, but then one day the absurdity of the arrangement suddenly struck me over the head and I had to make a photograph.

Terumi Lane, Pinch, WV

Abandoned 27

Didn’t get a chance to go on a photo outing this past weekend, but I still have a couple images to share this week from previous trips.

This was shot at an abandoned home I came across while driving a rough, dead end dirt track through the hills of West Virginia.

Goose Creek Road, Kanawha County, WV