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Abandoned 11

Image from early this morning along Vineyard Ridge Road in Roane County, WV.

I liked the variety of greens and the array of textures.  It was also interesting to me that this house, though thoroughly abandoned and apparently valueless, was carefully posted.

Roane County, WV



Middle Mountain Road

Additional hard drive diving produced these three images made in October of 2009 along Middle Mountain Road in Randolph County, WV.  An early snow graced the higher ridges on this fine day and created conditions I felt privileged to have witnessed.

I’ve printed the first photograph shown below, but when I line them up I tend to go back an forth on which one I like best.  If anyone viewing has a strong preference between the three I’d be anxious to hear from you.


Randolph County, WV



Autumn Carpet

I remember well how cold it was the day this image was made, wish we could pipe some into July of 2011.

I’ve been playing around with images from the past couple years, and occasionally coming across something worthy of posting.  This image is an alternate take on one of my more popular recent efforts titled “Frosty Leaves”.

Tucker County, WV

Autumn Leaner

This is an image from this past fall that I recently rediscovered and processed.  I had been on the fence in regard to the image when I first made it, but after the passage of some time I’m falling more on the side of “hey, I like it!”. 

So, here it is, in all it pixelly glory, retrieved from the digital scrapheap and thrust into the faces of millions on the worldwide web.  (Well, okay, perhaps more accurately thrust into the faces of close family and a couple friends.)

Randolph County, WV


And the sign said….

I have been oddly compelled to shoot signs over the past year or so.  I’m apparently subconsciously conducting a photo study of some sort, or at least it was subconscious until I started thinking and typing about it.  So signs it is.  And abandoned houses, mustn’t forget about those either.  Perhaps I’ll someday find a sign on an abandoned house and finally reach my photographic nirvana.

Roane County, WV



United Methodist

The weathered red doors with wreaths drew me into this scene.  I made a conscious effort to keep everything perfectly symmetrical when making this image since the two halves of the scene are nearly mirror images of each other.

This image was made this past October.  I can’t resist revisiting older photos looking for diamonds in the rough, or lumps of coal as the case may be.

Pendleton County, WV


Throwback #2

Here’s a color version of my post from a few days ago, shot from a slightly different angle and cropped into a panoramic format. 

It was almost too good to be true having the old truck parked next to the farmhouse, I only wish I’d had the opportunity to walk around and work the scene from different angles and with wide angle lenses, etc.

Jackson County, WV

Charleston Fireworks, 7/3/11

Fireworks over the Kanawha River in Charleston, WV.  This shot was made looking downriver with the South Side Bridge in the background.

Charleston, WV

No Hunting

I’m always on the lookout for signs that are contradictory and/or ironic, so it was a delight to come across this one today in Jackson County, WV.  I feel that one key word was omitted from the bottom of the sign……ANYMORE.

Montani Semper Liberi!

Jackson County, WV


Took this photo today along a country road in Jackson County, West Virginia. 

The old truck and farmhouse gave this scene a 50’s feeling, so a black and white treatment seemed appropriate.

Jackson County, WV