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Contrails seem to echo the shape of a cross atop a steeple in Beverly, West Virginia.



Appalachian Design Studio

Photographed beside a Go Mart in Elkins, WV.

Elkins, Randolph County, WV

Middle Mountain Road

Additional hard drive diving produced these three images made in October of 2009 along Middle Mountain Road in Randolph County, WV.  An early snow graced the higher ridges on this fine day and created conditions I felt privileged to have witnessed.

I’ve printed the first photograph shown below, but when I line them up I tend to go back an forth on which one I like best.  If anyone viewing has a strong preference between the three I’d be anxious to hear from you.


Randolph County, WV



Autumn Leaner

This is an image from this past fall that I recently rediscovered and processed.  I had been on the fence in regard to the image when I first made it, but after the passage of some time I’m falling more on the side of “hey, I like it!”. 

So, here it is, in all it pixelly glory, retrieved from the digital scrapheap and thrust into the faces of millions on the worldwide web.  (Well, okay, perhaps more accurately thrust into the faces of close family and a couple friends.)

Randolph County, WV

Cleaning Out the Digital Closet

It pays to go back and browse through your older image files from time to time.  On more than one occasion I have rediscovered a previously discarded image that I decide I now like.

I’m always amazed and puzzled when this happens.  How can an image be transformed from digital clutter/also-ran status to print?  The image, of course, was always there, unchanging, so any shift in perceived quality must lie entirely within the eye of the beholder.

I’ve also found the reverse to be true as well.  Many times my current aesthetic has de-valued images that I once held in high esteem.

I suppose it is all part of growing and evolving in your work.  Images that once seemed fresh and exciting can become stale and cliched, while others that didn’t originally meet expectations can sometimes reveal their more subtle and mysterious charms with the passage of time.

Following are two images that have recently been rescued from the digital abyss.

After the Storm