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The Repair Pad

Early morning roadside scene in Quick, West Virginia.

Had a couple technique breakdowns during the making of this image, but managed to coax out enough image quality to have a passable blog post.  (Note to self:  remember to check and see if your polarizer is attached to your camera before cranking the ISO up to 1600 and trying to handhold slow shutter speeds).



Clio School

An abandoned schoolhouse way back in the hills of West Virginia.  It would appear that memories are pretty much all that remain.

Clio, Roane County, WV

Rock of Ages

Advice found along a country road in Clay County, WV.

I normally would not be able to tolerate the blown-out white sky, but since this image is about the signage instead of scenery it didn’t bother me so much.

Ivydale, Clay County, WV

Parked 3

A group of vehicle in long term parking along the Elk River, Clay County, WV.

Elkhurst Rd, Clay County, WV

Frosty Barn

A frost covered barn photographed on a very cold October morning in Tucker County, WV.

Dryfork, Tucker County, WV

The Other Side

A garbage strewn yard alongside a dwelling in rural West Virginia.  It’s not all rainbows and unicorns out there.

As regular readers of this blog know by now, I love to photograph old abandoned buildings.  The problem is that sometimes it’s not easy to tell the abandoned ones from the occupied.  On more than one occasion I’ve stopped the car to investigate what appeared to be an abandoned structure only to see a light on inside or smoke rising from a chimney.  Hopefully I’ll never accidentally walk into someone’s living room.

In this case the house was definitely occupied.  I think.


Calhoun County, WV

St. Paul United Chapel

Country church with cemetery, photographed way back in the hills of West Virginia.

Calhoun County, WV

Rear Exit

A perilous looking set of stairs leading to the rear exit of an auto repair business.  It would appear that these guys gave up on the one parked at the bottom of the steps.  🙂

Gilmer County, WV

Dessie Baptist

Early morning photograph of a country church in the hills of West Virginia.

Braxton County, WV

Hoop Dreams 4

A welcome addition to my ongoing series.  I found the combination of basketball goal, laundry, and archery target to be an irresistible conglomeration of elements.  🙂

Clay County, WV