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Doorway on a rustic building in downtown Montgomery, West Virginia.   Love the textures and patterns found on these old brick structures, each seems to offer something unique.

Montgomery, Fayette County, WV

Montgomery, Fayette County, WV


Chevrolet Interior

Interior view of an old, dilapidated Chevrolet parked in the woods in the West Virginia countryside.  Surprisingly the door on this car opened just as smoothly as if it were sparkling new on a showroom floor.  I wanted to slide inside and photograph the dials and other details, but honestly I was concerned about the possibility of snakes (shudder).

Braxton County, WV

Red Barn 3

An old red barn tucked away in a narrow valley, high in the hills of Calhoun County, WV.  This is a scene I hope to be able to return to under more dynamic lighting conditions.

Trace Road, Calhoun County, WV

Sunday Papers

Sunday papers left on a porch swing prior to store hours, Chloe General Merchandise, Calhoun County, WV.  A charming facet of country life is that you can get away with something like this.

Chloe, Calhoun County, WV

Chloe General Merchandise

Rustic general store located in Chloe, Calhoun County, WV.

WV Rte. 16, Chloe, Calhoun County, WV


Found this old tractor parked alongside a country road in Roane County, West Virginia.  Photographed early on a foggy morning.

Barn and Maple

An image from early this morning in Putnam County, West Virginia.

I love photographing old barns, and of course a bit of autumn foliage never hurts.

Cunningham Road, Putnam County, WV

Barn Loft Window

I’ve always been intrigued by the homemade wooden handles and latches you find on old barns/sheds etc.  To me they represent in some small way the self reliance and ingenuity of older generations.

The image that follows shows a barn loft window, complete with a rudimentary but effective latching mechanism, shot along Broad Run Road in Roane County, WV.

Broad Run Road, Roane County, WV

Color or Black and White?

Color or black and white?  That’s a question I run into often when post-processing images. 

Perhaps I should be thinking of it while I’m shooting, and maybe it would have a positive effect on my work if I did.  But in reality it never crosses my mind until I’m sitting in front of a computer with Photoshop opened up.  Then, much like analogous questions such as “Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi”, “vanilla or cholate”, and “Mary Ann or Ginger”, it’s simply a matter of taste.

I found this old barn while travelling the back roads of Roane County, WV, this past weekend, and am somewhat torn between the color and black and white versions.  I’m somewhat leaning towards the black and white treatment at the moment, but would be curious if any viewers have an opinion.

Two Run, Roane County, WV


Two Run, Roane County, WV


Abandoned 5

Found this abandoned barn and house this morning while driving the back roads of Roane County, West Virginia.  Even though these buildings were in a dilapidated state, the remainder of the farm was very well tended.

I never tire of exploring along the rural roads of this state.  It seems there’s a surprise to be found around every corner.

Roane County, WV