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US Rte 60 Waterfall

This roadside waterfall along US Rte 60 near Glen Ferris, WV, normally runs at a trickle, but I was lucky enough to catch it at a higher flow recently after persistent rain.

As far as I know this waterfall does not have a name, but if anyone local knows differently I’d be happy to hear from you.

US 60 near Glen Ferris, Fayette County, WV

US 60 near Glen Ferris, Fayette County, WV


Elklick Run

A small mountain stream in Tucker County, WV. 

My waterfall photography had been thwarted on this day by persistently sunny skies, but finally I caught a break as a few clouds rolled in and allowed me to make this image.

Tucker County, WV

Take Me Home 2

A simple shot of a country road winding through a forest.  I’m a sucker for S-curves.

Roane County, WV

Sutton Lake Trees

A stand of willows along the banks of Sutton Lake in Braxton County, WV. 

Sutton Lake, Braxton County, WV

Misty Forest

I don’t think there’s any natural environment that’s so obviously beautiful to the naked eye but more difficult to photograph than a forest.  Perhaps it’s the fact that forest scenes are so intrinsically cluttered that makes them such a difficult subject.   Chaos is the norm, with wild tangles of branches and undergrowth complicating any attempt at an organized composition.

One thing that seems to soften the chaotic details of a forest and bring some sense of order to the madness is mist.   Repeating foreground shapes become more apparent as the backdrop of endless trees and branches fade into a supporting role context.

This latest effort at forest photography was made on an appropriately misty morning in Roane County, WV.  I’m not entirely convinced as to how well this image really works, but I do know that it would have been destined for the digital dustbin if it weren’t for the misty conditions.

Dry Ridge Road, Roane County, WV



Summer Stream

A small stream amid summertime greenery in Roane County, West Virginia.  This scene was just up the road from the location of my previous post, highlighting the striking contrasts to be found around every bend in the Mountain State.

Straight Creek Road, Roane County, WV


Found this old vehicle parked in the woods in Roane County, West Virginia. 

Abandoned 22

Small home abandoned in the woods in Roane County, West Virginia.  I found it interesting that this dwelling was rigged up with satellite TV before its demise.

Mount Hope Rd, Roane County, WV

Autumn Leaner

This is an image from this past fall that I recently rediscovered and processed.  I had been on the fence in regard to the image when I first made it, but after the passage of some time I’m falling more on the side of “hey, I like it!”. 

So, here it is, in all it pixelly glory, retrieved from the digital scrapheap and thrust into the faces of millions on the worldwide web.  (Well, okay, perhaps more accurately thrust into the faces of close family and a couple friends.)

Randolph County, WV

Morris Creek Falls

This small waterfall is located along the Left Fork of Morris Creek in Kanawha County, West Virginia.  Although there are dozens, if not hundreds, of waterfalls to be found in the mountainous eastern third of the state, there are precious few in the western foothills where this one is located.

Kanawha County, WV